Bend, OR RV Paint Protection Film

When it comes to hitting the open road and exploring the country, there’s nothing quite like traveling in your own RV. If you’ve invested in a beautiful RV, why not keep it looking its best by investing in paint protection? Superior Shield is the Bend, OR leader in RV paint protection. We’ve been installing premium-quality paint protection films on RVs for nearly two decades, safeguarding your investment and protecting its finish for years to come.

Comprehensive RV Paint Protection

Purchasing an RV is one of the most significant investments a person can make. While routine maintenance and care are important, so is protecting its finish. RV exterior paint protection installed by our experts in Bend, OR keeps your coach looking clean and pristine, no matter what adventures your travels may bring.

We use the leading paint protection film on the market – PremiumShield Elite. It’s a self-healing film that protects your vehicle from water and UV damage; road debris; insects and any other potentially damaging elements you encounter during your travels. Since the film is self-healing, it slowly eliminates light scratches and swirls that can occur from car washing or exposure to road debris.

Why Choose a Paint Protection Coating?

RVs are some of the largest vehicles on our roadways. Unlike a clear bra that may only cover the front and back of the vehicle, our paint protection solutions cover the entire RV, from the roof to the headlights, bumpers, mirrors and more. All film we install is computer-cut specifically for your RV, ensuring precise, overall coverage.

As an added benefit, our paint protection film is transparent which means that your coach’s distinctive paint job won’t be obscured beneath the film. Your paint job will never fade due to bleaching from the sun, adding years of life to your RV.

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Superior Shield helps RV owners protect their coach from all that the open road can throw at it. There’s no other name to trust for all-over protection that won’t break the bank. Call us today at 541-815-3100 for a free estimate