Top Three Reasons to Get Paint Protection Film on Your Car

Whether you’ve just bought a brand-new ride or you’ve got a trusted daily driver you love, paint protection is needed for your car. A car’s paint job is more than simply an aesthetic feature—it plays a big role in protecting the structure of the vehicle itself, preventing rust and other damage.

What are the benefits of paint protection? Discover all the advantages of this inexpensive upgrade below.

Protects the vehicle’s paint job

Investing in a new paint job isn’t cheap, which is why protecting your car’s paint should be a priority on your overall car care checklist. Paint protection film can be installed on several areas of the car, or over the entire vehicle itself. Need protection from rocks and bugs on your front bumper, or want to make sure your doors don’t get scratched up? Whatever you want to protect, paint protection film can safeguard effectively. Paint protection film can protect against the following elements:

  • Bird/animal droppings
  • Dirt/dust
  • Insects
  • Rock chips
  • Scratches

Keep in mind that paint protection film is completely invisible. You can let your car’s finish truly shine without ever noticing the film. Patterns can be computer cut specifically for your vehicle, ensuring a perfect fit. As long as you invest in professional installation, as well as a quality product with an ultra-clear and smooth finish, you won’t even know the film is there.

Reduces the need for washing

A shiny car looks like a nicer and more expensive car, no matter what type of vehicle you have. A vehicle’s shine fades over time, and keeping the luster depends on frequent washing and waxing. Paint protection film does a great job at repelling dirt, dust, insects and other debris that can get kicked up on the vehicle as you drive. With paint protection film, you can wipe away the grime rather than pay a visit to the car wash, reducing maintenance time significantly and with much better results.

Preserving resale value

When it comes to understanding what benefits of paint protection matter most, maintaining your car’s resale value can have positive financial implications. While a car’s value declines as it gets older and as the miles accumulate, there are other factors that affect your vehicle’s resale value. One of these is appearance, and paint plays a big role in keeping your car looking its best. Paint protection film helps your car look just like it once did on the showroom floor. Whether you’re selling the vehicle yourself or doing a trade-in, make a great first impression and get top dollar for your ride.

Now that you understand why paint protection is needed for your car, regardless of what make and model it is, it pays to do your research and find a reputable installer to get the job done right. Your search starts and ends with Superior Shield. We’ve installed quality paint protection film on vehicles of all shapes and sizes for decades, and can protect your ride from whatever the roads throw at it. Reach out to us today to learn more.